Supported Organizations

The following organizations are currently being supported by your donations and the purchasing of Falling Down. Please take the time to review how these organizations help families and support them by clicking the donate button on the left.

Mercy for America’s Children

Mercy for America’s Children is a North Carolina based non-profit group advocating on behalf of children awaiting adoption in the US Foster Care System by educating the public about the benefits of foster care adoption, reforming the adoption process, connecting waiting children to potential adoptive families and supporting them through their adoption journey.

New Directions

Making a positive impact. That’s what New Directions is all about. We help youth overcome emotional, behavioral, and educational issues through a variety of services – each one using our effective treatment philosophy. We nurture. We encourage. We challenge. We empower not only the child, but the whole family. And we provide the skills needed to live more productive and fulfilling lives. Welcome to New Directions, where change is for good.

Hope Reins

Hope Reins of Raleigh is a Christian equine ministry that pairs rescued horses with children in need to find hope and healing.

Hope Reins is unique in that we offer a one-on-one mentoring program where each child partners with a caring volunteer leader and horse. This allows for a very private, customized session for the child geared to their specific need or unique situation.

For information on how to become a supported organization, please email Daniel Kelly at